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Tour de France


Active member
Feb 25, 2004
Like many people who don't even ride, I've been spellbound by the sheer spectacle of the Tour over the last few years. Surely its the hardest athletic event in the world -- 28 days of brutal physical exertion, with astonishing strategic moves, hair-raising downhills, gut-wrenching uphills and beautiful scenery. Amazing stuff, that's been going on for decades.

Lance Armstrong's story certainly was a compelling one: cancer survivor, unmatched talent on a bike, seven time champion of the toughest race in the world, retires on top. But over the years I've come to enjoy the other major players too with their varied personalities on and off the course, their differing skill sets that favor different situations. The drama of learning who has anything left in the tank at the top of the hill...

Anyway, I was really looking forward to learning whether Basso could top Ullrich this year... but today's news on the eve of the start, with at least nine riders banned at the 11th hour, including those two top riders... I just hope I can still enjoy it a little.

I don't want to sound overly naive here, but... I'm really sick of drugs and cheating in sports, how the taint and scandal can destroy careers and reputations (whether it had anything to do with creating them in the first place or not). Sad stuff.