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SVL 61 Like matt Schofield


Sep 3, 2007
Hello Everyone

Looking to fund a non guitar project, so I'm afraid I have to let this one go.

Simon Law of SVL guitars built this guitar for me a couple of years ago and it sounds wonderful and plays beautifully.

Specs are as follows

SVL 61 Guitar.

2 piece body, Daytona Blue, Lightly flamed neck, Brazilian fingerboard, Dunlop 6105 fret-wire, a set of the Amalfitano pickups, Callaham hardware, a 7.1/4-9.5" radius on a 63c profile. Hixcox case included. Trem is locked down as per Matt and Eric.

The neck is very much like my 63 start, not thin but not to chunky.

When I collected the guitar from Simon, Matt Schofield happened to be there and said he played the guitar and really liked it

Although I'm based in Italy, the guitar can be viewed in the UK.

Price £1550

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