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string buzz...nut... help....


LPF Tone Chaser
Jul 26, 2001
i hear a buzz from a string that sits too low in the plastic nut...
does someone know how to repair it without changing the nut ?


This is documented in Dan Erlewines books, but briefly:

Actually the nut material on modern Gibsons is Corian.

1. Tape everything off (fingerboard, behind the nut, etc.)
2. If you have an old nut of the same material, create some filings to use as filler. If not, you may be able to get away with just the super glue.
3. Get super glue and mix the filings
4. Fill in the slot with the mix
5. Let Dry
6. File with a nut slotting file, or precision jewelers file, or use a wound string to make the slots, to the desired depth - be careful not to go too low, or repeat steps 1 - 6.
7. Sand the slot with 600 - 800 grit paper
8. Cleanup any glue on top of the nut with 400 - 600 grit paper and polish the nut.

This may or may not last. If it doesn't, a new nut should be made, probably from bone.
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