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Sell/Trade: 1977 Cherry Burst Les Paul Custom (For sale or trade for Tobacco Burst or Black Les Paul Custom)


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May 14, 2023
I should know this about myself. I've done it with a few other guitars. I bring home X or Y color, and then it bugs me that it's not black.

Anyway, I am considering trading my 1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom for a Les Paul custom in Tobacco burst or Black ("Ebony," if you will). I bought this in person at a store after inspecting it several times, so I'm not trying to shuck off a lemon I got online. It plays great; it sounds great. I'm not in a hurry or desperate to get rid of it, and I'm ready to wait for the right guitar in trade, and a trade in which all parties walk away happy.

This is a '77 Les Paul Custom. Cherry sunburst finish. No cracks, breaks, or repairs in the wood. It appears to be all original except for the pickups, which are '70s Square-tab Dimarzio pickups, a Super Distortion in the bridge and a PAF in the neck slot. I am also in the process of replacing the pickup ring screws. There are dings and dents, but all commensurate with a well-used (not abused) instrument of this age. Frets appear to be original and have wear appropriate to the age, but it still plays great with no dead spots. It did not come with a case, but I can supply a hardshell case with the sale. Neck is on the thin "'60s" side, similar to my Les Paul Traditional Pro.

I'm looking for a straight-across trade (I might consider an almost-straight-across trade) for a Les Paul Custom in Black. I'd also consider a tobacco sunburst LPC. I'll consider any year, but I'd like one in which the binding has aged to cream or yellow in color. I'd consider a '57 or '68 RI as well. Let me know what you have, and we'll talk about condition, neck profile, and whatever else and see if we can come to an agreement in which everyone is happy.

I will also consider selling for $3800 + shipping ($100 in continental USA, contact me about shipping elsewhere). USPS Money Order, PayPal (add 3.5% for fee). I might consider other payment methods. PM to discuss.

I will be happy to supply any photos you need to see or shoot a video or two if you like.

Photos galore here (click the link):








By request, here's a video:

It's not great - I just had my son shoot a quick video on his phone. I might be able to do something better quality next week.
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