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Rick Norman Phoenix Burst pickups...


New member
Jul 17, 2001
Just put them in an R7...man, I'm lovin' these things! Just might be the best sounding guitar I have now...it wasn't before. The guitar now seems much more alive...and it had Timbuckers in it for years!!

Highly recommended...big thumbs up from me!!:salude :salude :salude Can't put the guitar down now!

Mark Kane

All Access/Backstage Pass
Jul 18, 2001
I've got to play several sets of Rick's pickups while he was developing them. I've got a set of his low wind buckers in my #1 LP right now and I'm hoping that unlike all the others, he'll let me keep these:) :salude They are really clear but so rich sounding. When you crank them the notes really catch and sound almost like a whole chord. I really dig them.