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REWARD!!! Looking for my stolen 79 LP Custom


New member
Nov 29, 2019
Hi. Still looking for my old 79 Les Paul Custom natural/blonde. Pretty sure the serial # is 72939554. It has a small ding/chunk in the wood on the front of the body opposite of the knobs. The knobs are black. It was stolen in Lowell MA 4 years ago. Most likely pawned in the Dorchester/Boston area or Springfield MA area. I'll post a pic when i figure out how to post one on this site. Forgot to metion that the guitar was purchased new by my dead father for my brother who's no longer with us as well so it has much sentimental value. The police here weren't much help in finding it so........any help would be appreciated and rewarded. Thanks!

Vince Q

Jul 3, 2017
Had time to kill so I checked the usual suspects, Reverb, Ebay, G-Base. No luck.