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Reverb Pickup Shootout


New member
May 4, 2002
I enjoyed the video and have watched it several times already. It's a good reminder that much of the discussion about tone is really on the margins. Aside from the toasters and lipsticks, there just isn't a world of difference between any two of the pickups compared. Do they sound somewhat different? Sure. But you can get any tone you want with any of them, some EQ, and maybe some FX.


New member
Apr 17, 2007
Not surprising that PAFs, strat, tele, p90s sound the best for me...actually in that order as well.

I always thought that the thinline Tele in theory should sound the most distinctive, but the recording confirms my experience live and hands-on: really neutral and bland, but not in a bad way. It works in 99% of songs that need an electric guitar.


May 13, 2006
Thanks Mr. Papa. I really enjoyed that and it confirmed for me why I like what I do. PAFs and P90s are very similar to my ears. The PAF being more refined/complex but the P90 can get that raw tone that has grit that just growls with a strong bite.

For all the talk of the twang that the tele can do ... it just isn't a sound I go for in my playing. The tele does, however, have a sound that is just perfect for rock and I hear it in some great rock songs by Zeppelin, ZZ Top, the Stones as well as many other bands. Who ever thinks a tele is just for country is missing out in the versatility a tele has.

The Strat also has a sound that is all it's own. Not only the straight single coil sound but the sound of two pickups blending together that is so unique. Sometimes you hear a Strat and it screams Hendrix's name.

Definitely those four speak to me much more than the others listed.

I really enjoyed listening to that. Thanks.