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Port City 2x12 Vertical - Custom - x3!


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Jan 3, 2002
I unfortunately need to sell my 3 beloved Port City 2x12 cabs, standard size vertical model, that I had custom ordered directly from Daniel:
- raw wood finish (non-tolexed) that looks fantastic
- Marshall Basketweave grill cloth
- gold pipping
- no logo

One cab is loaded with a matched pair of old original Celestion G12-65 (no reissue), the 2 others have a matched quad of original late 70's Celestion G12H30 bass cone blackback.
Each sounds really fantastic, and together they make for one of the best Wet/Dry/Wet rig ever to me.
Unique! Especially with those great old speakers.

800€ per cab
With Tuki covers

Cabs are in France and I can ship anywhere (I had even kept the -great- original packaging from Daniel that will make for perfect protection if we need to ship).

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