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Peter Green Mod Question


New member
Nov 19, 2006
I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times...

But...if you flip the magnet around under the bobbins to re-orient N/S polarity...why then is there still a need to flip the pickup itself around so the screw side coil is facing the bridge?

I've seen examples of people doing it both ways and claiming 'its the PG mod'.

I.e., some flip the magnet and re-install the pickup normally, with screw side coil still facing the neck.
And others who flip the magnet, And Also flip the pickup around TOO, so the screw side coil is facing the bridge.

Color me a little confused, thanks.


Well-known member
May 26, 2003
People flip the pickup around so it looks like Peter Greens but it’s not necessary, just flip the magnet. You ca accomplish the same thing by flipping the magnet in the bridge pickup but most people just do it on the neck.
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