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PDF copies of Fender catalogues from 1953 onwards.


New member
Sep 5, 2021
Just your bundle of questions etc., copy of history of fender guitar quality i sold here last year. That has tons of pics from around the period you're questioning and might potentially offer some answers if you can get a copy. I think it's got a bright/lime green cover.

great to find on cataloges, though, I'll be taking a squizz at those when I've got a few minutes!


Jan 21, 2021
Wow! It's amazing how you forget certain images but when you see them again it's like you never forgot. I remember having the Fender catalog from 1968. I remembered it as soon as I saw the front cover. Looking through the pages there were some pictures I couldn't recall but the memory of other pictures came right back to me as if I saw them yesterday for the first time. I was just starting to get into music back then so this brought back some great memories from my youth. I also enjoyed looking at the catalog from my birth year, 1953! Thanks very much for sharing this!