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Pat# Pickup Question


Apr 28, 2019
Hello, has anyone had or seen a Pat# pickup with the bobbin holes, i.e the "circle in square" on opposite sides?
I have a early Pat# pickup with the top bobbin hole on the right and the bottom bobbin how in the left.
The pickup has purple wire, L tool marking and black leads. Some of the screws/poles appear gold because the pickup originally had a gold cover.



Well-known member
Jun 27, 2003
Hi! I have a few of those. They are, for all purposes, and PAF with a different decal. The Pat.#'s made up till about late `63 are basically a PAF with a few minor differences. The dark purple wire will change to a light reddish wire and to my ears is when they shift gradually into a T-Top. I've seen plenty with the PAF bobbins and light red coloured wire going into the darker red. The base plates basically stay the same for most of the Sixties.
I can't really tell on yours, but the bobbin wires should both be black. If one is white and one is black, that's the first change away from a PAF I've seen. Doesn't change the sound/tone, but... I use to be able to buy these for a $100. bucks. Now you can't even buy a T-Top for a $100.