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P-Rail Jimmy Page wiring combination


New member
Aug 12, 2021
Hi. I have a set of P-Rails, and a set of Pearly Gates. I like the 4-mode P-Rail wiring from SD using 2 pullpots. I want to use 2 more pullpots to do the Out Of Phase and the Parallel/Series like the Jimmy Page wiring I have in my other Gibsons. I have a 1999 and a 2001 Usung Epiphones that are basically Identical. One gets the P-Rails and one gets the Pearly Gates, which I want the slug coil/screw coil/parallel/series options on as well.
By the way. With new strings on both, one I top-wrapped and one I didn't. Just for fun, and the top-wrapped one was quieter unplugged than the normal one. Probably because the break angle was less and it transferred less vibration to the body. I think. The Guitars are virtually Identical.
Can anyone help me with this tricky wiring? I want to use the Schecter wiring on the Jimmy Page half of it, so there are no dead spots in the switches.I have started, but ran into some confusion with the grounds I will surely have to lift. I have not hooked up any grounds yet. I am trying to keep them as close as I can to 50's wiring..
Please Help!