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NGD , R8 Murphy Lab ultra light aging


Mar 10, 2012
What’s Up, I’ve been not active on here for a long time, I’ve been lurking 👀 here and there over the years. I came around in 2006 and started a journey of buying and selling and chasing the perfect Flame Top which I found out does not exist, Atleast for me any way. It was unhealthy for me and my bank account. I spend way to much time hunting and looking and selling to buy ect ect, Till I had to sell my gear due to personal reasons, kept some cheaper guitars. So it’s been a long time sense I’ve a Historic LP, I’ve had some of the newer LP stds that are pretty nice but not what I really loved, well 6 months ago was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had my surgery 9/13 and been home healing and my thinking on life has changed some and said F it, I want what makes me happy funny thing is I’ve always like R8s with plain Tops they have really been my favorite so today an R8 came and it’s my favorite color Brock burst and has some pattern in the wood , it’s 9lbs and I’ve always liked them around 9lbs I love the feel of the neck and I’ve also always loved the Vos and hate gloss, it sounds so nice and resonant. I’ve watched many videos on YouTube of guys comparing Les Paul standard to historic‘s saying they virtually sound the same and it’s not worth the extra money well after having many historic‘s and switching to standards now back to historic to me there’s a difference. I know I know everyone’s going to ask me for a picture well I don’t know how to post pictures on here it’s been a very long time if somebody can help me out I will gladly post a few pictures.


Well-known member
Aug 19, 2003
I don’t know how to post pics here anymore, How do I post?

You need a host photo site like Imgur which is the site I use.
Put the pics from your phone camera on there and you can easily transfer them to here.
Look forward to seeing your LP and good that you're recovering from the surgery, all the best with that (y)


Jul 15, 2001
Actually, you don’t need a hosting site with our new Forum software. You can import photos from your laptop or phone. The little icon on the post that looks like mountains and sun will bring down a drop down box that you can move your photo into.


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Jan 23, 2007
Joe, congrats....I saw the pic Mike Slub posted for you....looks better than the one you sent me last week
That top/color combo is perfect

Midnight Blues

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Feb 20, 2011
Ditto on seeing Mike's post for you. She's lovely! Congrats, HNGD
and play her in good health!