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NGD : Oddball '71 Les Paul


New member
Dec 22, 2020
Hey guys, today I picked up what is supposed to be a 1971 Les Paul deluxe and it has some features that seem odd so I wanted to share and see if anyone has opinions or insight.

It seems to have a 2 piece top, natural finish. ABR1 bridge goes straight into the top, appears to have a refret.
The tuners are grover "bullseye" but there is other holes, so I'm assuming either these are not original or it had other tuners at one point.
The serial number and "made in USA" are almost non existent, the serial can not be read clearly even with a black light. The only numbers I can make out (the last 5) appear to be x15209.
Overall the guitar is super clean and has very little ageing on the finish, the nut appears to be original or maybe the whole guitar was refinished and they went on to the nut like it comes from the factory?
There is no "les paul model" on the headstock, looking closely with lights and black light... Can't see any sign of one ever being there
The bridge is legit with the gibson stamp and the tailpiece is extremely light like other vintage ones I have had, the minimal amount of wear on these match the rest of the guitar.
The pots are 1984 so they are no help, I was informed they were not original and started to worry that the rest of the guitar might be 1984 as well but the features do not match.
I took the pickups out and they have the pat no sticker on them.

With all that being said, it plays and sounds great and weighs in at 9.7lbs so not terribly heavy.
I appreciate any input from you!


5497E616-E32D-44F9-9271-B49B5A792F09.jpg C0D91057-9681-48BE-B819-F2B3A8C0F6B2.jpg FD7366E5-16A0-4EA0-A557-6BC48DB71D27.jpg 66DCC328-37FE-4292-84E8-593BEF93A42A.jpg 62531C2B-877F-468E-BC9A-09B4234BE722.jpg

Bob Womack

Active member
Apr 8, 2002
A few notes: From the pics it looks like a refin. I don't think natural finish was an option in that period and you can obviously see that the front plate of the headstock no longer has the Les Paul screen. My eyes could be fooled but the headstock looks cut down from the wide paddle of the time to more '50s size. Grovers weren't stock at that time for sure - it was Klusons with double ring tulip keys, but everyone except me replace the Klusons with Grovers. The two piece top is a rarity or a retrofit. I think most Deluxes from the period had reflector knobs.



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Apr 26, 2016
As much as I try to refrain my opinion from photos , Looks like a Pancake makeover!

Big Al

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Apr 24, 2002
Obvious refin. 71 seems unlikely, too me. Neck appears reshaped. Volute scoot?
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Mar 11, 2002
just a refin in clear. That's why the serial is hard to see. 9.7 is typical Norlin boat anchor.