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Need advice on picking an LPCH


Jan 6, 2005
JUst a couple of Q's, I'm not up to speed on my LP's. I'm looking for a 2003-2004 version of either an R8,R9,R0. I'm not to intrested in spending the big dough on a R9 because I'm not big on the figured look. I'm more into the old washed out look. BUT, I am interested in a certain tone. I've read on these boards that the eastern maple topped LP's have more attack, and considering I play alot of Fenders you can imagine that would appeal to me.

So I guess my question is whether or not any of these models are known to come stock with eastern maple?

Another question I have is about weight. Have you guys come to a consensus as to an ideal tone weight for these guitars? IE what is considered to heavy or too light etc? Over at Fender it's pretty much agreed that 7.5lbs is the magic number (give or take 1/2 lb).

Thanks in advance for any advice...it's my first post here!


New member
Dec 19, 2004
There are some interesting post on this subject in the thread 'Best Sounding R9s-Common Characteristics.' Just a few threads down from the top of the thread list.


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Jan 5, 2005
From the people I have spoken with at Gibson and dealers who sell historic Gibsons, the non-figured top Les Pauls have eastern maple tops. These include the (for humbucking pickup guitars) '57's, 58' plain tops and some 59's and some '60's. Music Machine carries '58 and '59 eastern maple top LP Standards that have blister maple tops as well.
These are considered among the hardest of the maple top's.
Some '59's have eastern maple and some have western maple, so you will need to ask the dealer about the guitar, or get the guitar's serial # and call Gibson to ask them what info they might have on that particular guitar.
As far as '60 plain top LP Standards, go to Guitar Center and checkout there 60 RI historics. These are plain top 60's with slim 60's Historic necks and the price is extremely reasonable for a custom shop LP.

I understand that some members on the forum have a problem dealing with GC, but to me, it's about finding the right guitar, and where I have to look to possibly find it is secondary. I could be passing up the best one in the bunch if I don't try all the possible places that they are sold.