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My 52 (convert or to convert 2)


Active member
Mar 31, 2010
He's saying it would not require a neck reset, therefore it would not mess with the original finish.

A neck reset would make the P-90's need to be shimmed even higher, too.

It sure looks and sounds like it plays great with the Mojo Axe bridge. Therefore, I would leave it be. But that is JMHO.

A low profile wrap around would be the least intrusive mod, though. I would most certainly seek out someone who absolutely knows what they are doing.

I think drilling out the neck for reset destroys one of the most important original aspects of a vintage guitar. Again, JMHO.


Les Paul Forum Member
Aug 5, 2002
I would go the mojoaxe option. I like to restore them or keep them as original as possible.


Well-known member
Jul 24, 2002
If you hang around a bit....

You'll notice conversions come and go pretty often. They're always the "greatest thing ever" but I'd say they attract a hardcore GAS crowd like nothing else...chasing the 'burstness. I've seen a fair number come up online + local shops along with resto-modders putting one out there every so often. Folks freaking out over one this week will be selling it next week, play the long game.

Point is, you could find the right buyer for that guitar and fetch a conversion if you're semi-patient, let someone else have all the work done and parts sourcing for you while knowing you left a gem alone.
That’s what I did.