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Mapleflame Mod on my Pre-Historic


Dec 25, 2007
Hello all,

I recently came across the Mapleflame Mod threads and I'm interested in giving it a shot. However, I also ran across a post where a gent with a Pre-Historic Les Paul noticed his wiring channel ran right under the bridge's treble post.

I have a 1989 "Pre-Historic" 59 Flametop Reissue. I can't tell for sure if the wiring channel passes directly under my treble post. I'm away from home at the moment, and just looked at a photo I knew I had of the pickup cavity. It may turn out that there's mahogany under my post. I just don't know.


I haven't measured to see how deep the holes were drilled, but my plan is to screw the SS posts in all the way, down into the mahogany if possible. But first, I have a few questions. First off, would it be worthwhile to replace just the bass side with a longer SS screw? Is there a benefit to bottoming out the screw, or is it the increased about of thread contact that improves the tone? Should I try a SS at stock length on the treble side? Would it be a bad idea to tap the treble side hole a little deeper? If so, how much wood should I leave at the bottom of that hole, an eighth-inch, a quarter-inch, etc?

If I did increase the depth of the treble hole, and it was in fact over the wiring channel, would it really be a problem if the post came out the bottom? I'm just wondering if the increased thread area would offset the lack of a bottom tonewise?

What do you all think?