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Making the Custom Shop plunge...


New member
Oct 7, 2018
I've just been enjoying the CS posts and pics too much and I had to join in the fun. Now added to the wall, a 2014 R0. It has been living with a good friend of mine since he bought it new and I thought from the first time I picked it up that I'd like to add it to my collection instead. We recently agreed to make that happen. Will grab some better pics later but I needed to put the phone down and start playing it. I guess 1960 is my target year... 2E2B73CA-3FB3-44D1-8040-DA2712268FFC.JPG 50918A2D-1C8D-489C-98ED-0224C51E72D6.JPG 390CC68B-12A8-408E-82FA-7A81360CBA82 2.jpg


Well-known member
Jan 23, 2007
congrats....and a nice looking top you have there......!!!!
and I think you meant Taking The Custom Shop Plunge.......(y)