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LP Special - lookin for a HOTTER bridge p/up


Sep 13, 2004
I just picked up an early 90s TV special ( bound neck, etc ). Its VERY resonant and seems like it'll be a great guitar. The P-100 in the neck actually sounds pretty great ( although not like a real P90 ) but the bridge just plain SUCKED.

I put in an Antiquity ( 9.04 K ) and its markedly better - But I would sure like something w/ more grind right outta the gate - any suggestions ??


Lollar P-90's. They are real screamers and Jason Lollar will wind em to your specs.


New member
Feb 25, 2002
P90's rock.

For bridge P90 grind with a "normal" P90, I'm starting to think that around 10K is the right wind. There are a lot of good P90 winders out there, and any one of them should be able to get you where you want.

I have a Lollar dogear that sounds fantastic; however, at 8.9K, it was just a touch too polite in my Junior. Preliminary tests with a 9.9K Voodoo dogear are very encouraging. Loads of mid grind with great clean-upability on the guitar's volume knob.

I also have a 12K Dave Stephens soapbar in an Agile LP copy, and that thing just sings! It doesn't have a base plate, so it's a little strange in its construction for a P90. It sounds very similar output-wise to the 8.9K Lolllar dogear, but with just a bit more mid grind and less extended frequency response in the highs and lows - perfect!

If I were you, I'd call either Voodoo, Lollar, Fralin, Wolfetone, Dave Stephens, etc. and tell them your 9.04 Antiquity just isn't cutting it. They should be able to give you what you want. Good luck!

P.S. Oh, and I would highly recommend shimming that bridge pickup to the proper height with hardwood shims instead of using screws/springs or foam. I find that a shimmed bridge P90 has a much bigger, more focused, powerful tone.


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Jul 15, 2001
...what numbers on the dial the P-90's starts cleaning up?? I know it depends on the type of pups.But they all differ.I've just put on a J.Lollars on my Melody Maker Reissue a few months back and i could'nt tell the difference from the Stock Gibson P-90??. I found out that adjusting the pole pieces to the right tweaking pref. made quite an impression on the mid.I'm still keeping my Lollars for future test/tweaks what not.They are a wonderful sounding pups for a dog ear style P-90.I've seen them spacers also that heightens the DogEar pups,but i relied on the adjustments of the polepieces instead.The measurements on the Stock Gibson P-90's read a little over 9.3-4K which is suffice even after the polepiece tweak which was more:wail