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Love ES's


Aug 12, 2016
Good looking guitars! Whats the difference in tone between those?

Thanks! You know.. That's a damn good question and I have yet to really sit down and do a direct side by side.

But going off my subjective memory, the '82 has definitely more of a mellow, "rolled off" kind of tone when plugged in. I think most of it has to do with the Shaw PAFs vs the T-Tops. '69 comes with a bit more mid and high range bite, and I feel like I can hear more of the wood in the tone. '69 is definitely louder and a bit more resonant when played unplugged.

My hands feel more "at home" playing the '69 than the '82 even though its frets are pretty worn out.

Both are great guitars though, and it will take something pretty special to bump them out of my collection.