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Les Paul junior original collection questions

D Strange

New member
Apr 18, 2020
Can anyone please help with some of my questions? I can't find an Original Collection in stock at store near me to try myself yet.

1. What is the neck shape profile like, how do they compare to the neck profile of a CS 58 jr reissue? (My mate has a 58 reissue that I play a bit and the neck is huge)

2. Is the intonation pretty good on them or have most of you who own one had to swap out for a different compensated wraparound, I play with my action set medium high as play a lot of slide too. (My mates 58 got swapped out for a compensated Faber).

3. Are the stock p90s close to the originals or overwound?

4. Are the frets bigger/taller that on a 58 reissue

5. Are the tuners good and if not will the tstrip style kluson buttons fit on if need replacing?

6. More of a side Question is the neck on a 57 reissue junior the same as on a 58 DC junior?


Big Al

Well-known member
Apr 24, 2002
The neck profile is a full 50's rounded, not clubby and similar to Original Series 50's Standard. As it should be.

Intonation is good. Better with aftermarket options. P90 sounds like p90 and tuners are Kluson and work well.

This is not a CS Jr but is an excellent USA version, like the rest of the Original Series.