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I need your expertise



Hi Guys,
I've been playing guitar for 14+ years. I'm a hobby player and I'm obsessed with effects.... muti-effects.

I've tried tons of stuff but I never seem satisfied. My latest aquisition was a Digitech RP20 that was awesome but the distortion modules sucked big time.

Have any of you tried the Korg AX1000G (or AX1500G)? I like the knob based editing but want to know if it sounds as good as people claim.

What do you guys think is the best multi-effects processor out now?



Davius J. Pufficus
Jul 15, 2001
I use an old Digitech RP12.
The distorion sucks on that too.
One solution with the digitech is to use as little gain as possible on the distortion, run little to no treble, no mids , add bass as desired and eq the rest with your amp. Run your amp clean. I can compensate the clean eq with the rp12.
Another solution is to get a kick ass amp, a/b it with a clean one, get a kick ass 2 channel, or run a killer Marshall balls to the wall with a hot plate and use your guitars volume knobs old school style.
Im eventually gonna get a Boss product.(g3 or better) But Boss distorion pedals generally kick Digitech or Korg's asses anytime. One pedal might be all you need if you have the right amp.
The other guitar player in my band has a Boss G3 and runs it through a Marshall Plexi reissue.
It sounds damn good.
I bought the rp12 off him so he could buy the g3.
Im pissed!!!!


Fiendish One
Jul 15, 2001
I can't program my VCR much less work that stuff. I just keep turning it up untill it sounds good. :vik


New member
Jul 31, 2001
quality multi FX recomendations

I use an Egnater ie4 all tube (12-12ax7's) preamp into a rocktron intellifex into a stereo VHT el34 poweramp, into a stereo 4x12. This is a nearly perfect combination for my needs and tonal prefferences.

As far as multieffects with a good overdrive -distortion sound I cant help you there. I truely dont think one can get good preamp sound and good effects from the same peice. I believe a dedicated preamp is a must. Or a head or combo that has a effects loop.

As far as a dedicated true stereo multi effects processor. I reccomend the Rocktron stuff i.e.Intellifex or the Multivalve or the Replifex. I run straight out of my preamp to my effects then into the poweramp so a transparent high quality piece is a must for me.
I have tried the Lexicon MPX-1 which I found to be a great sounding and tranparent peice except for the fact that there is a 200-300 millisecond lag in changing programs accompanied by a small bit of silence. I found this gap to be un unacceptable in a live situation. I guess if you are not changing presets within a song thats fine. But i usually change presets alot in one song.

I have a multivalve that i am looking to sell i am guessing I'll ask in the upper 200 range. If you are interested. you can find out a lot at rocktron.com....

Many preffer stomp boxes. I preffer having the abilty to make many changes at once through the use of a multieffects peice, like stepping on and off multiple stompboxes at once.

The delays, reverbs, and choruses in these multieffect units are suberb. As for the Phase and flange stuff, I do preffer the sound of old MXR stuff. However the difference is slight to moderate depending on the quality of your rig.

I hope you find this of some help. Feel free to email me directly if you wish to hear more of my semi - wise subjective rants


Ross - Crushing Day rosssurf@aol.com

Dave Paetow

Les Paul Forum Member
Jul 15, 2001
I like the Rocktron Replifex, it is a cool unit that you can find reasonably priced used these days. I agree that you can't get a good distortion sound out of a processor, get a dedicated tube preamp, though I've been trying out a Yamaha DG-1000 in my rack with very good results.