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Goldtop VOS Finish - How does it age?


New member
Apr 27, 2021
Hey everyone, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful 56 Reissue Goldtop VOS.
I really dig it so far, I am wondering how the Goldtop will age with the Nitrocellulose VOS finish.

Let me know your experience and maybe post some pics.

And if you have any tips on the P90 Pickups let me know as well, I am new to P90 pickups.. :D

Best regards

Les Paulette

Apr 3, 2021
The aging characteristics will vary a bit..depending on environment. .heat..cold..dry..humid..wiping down after use..storage in case..hanger or other..time will tell..
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Well-known member
Aug 19, 2003
Hi and welcome with your R6 (y)
I live in a fairly even climate, not extremely hot or humid and not extremely cold, there's no checking on the finish of my '13 R6 VOS......... which suits me fine. It's played at gigs and played around the house, left lounging on the sofa etc.
What year is your one?
The stock P90s are good pickups and what I notice is the crispness and clarity of sound/tone compared to humbuckers, especially in the neck pup.
However, I did buy a pair of vintage '52 pups just over a year ago and that was a step ahead.........my R6 is louder than my '13 R8 and '14 ES 335.........in a nice way.
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