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Fret wire

MD Arnquist

New member
Jul 19, 2001
Sorry it took me so long to return here ....we were talking about fret wire and suppliers ,some from Poly-met and European wires ...Dan,you were talking about Japanese wire that you and Frank ford liked that is as hard as USA or Euro wire.

I have not seen this stuff.

At the last NAMM show there was a booth (Hanchang) that had inlays ,18%N-S fret wire tuners ,fretboards etc.
Their fretwire was like solder .They had packets of wire prenotched for hanging over the top of binding!But SOFT!!!

Scott Stulken

New member
Jul 15, 2001
Frank Ford sometimes uses a size of Japanese wire that is similar to Dunlop 6230 (.078"x.043") which must be hard enough, as I'm sure he wouldn't use soft wire. I really should e-mail him and ask where he gets it from.

I think the 12% and 18% doesn't actually indicate hardness. Dunlop sells 12% and 18% in both hard and soft conditions.