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Fender Piggyback Amps - Solution to Mix 'n Match


Active member
Jul 2, 2005
I got a bit frustrated with the inability to use the piggyback hardward to couple a 60's Bassman head to a Tremolux cab. The amp clip bars did not extend far enough to match up with the cab anchor posts. I really like the tone and portability of the 2x10 Tremolux cab.

Problem statement - Leo made one clip bar for amps heads and cabinets with varied widths. You just cannot mix and match with his scheme.

I like to turn frustration into solutions....and the extra long clip bar is the result.

Create a laser cut stainless steel 1.5" x 7.25" clip bar that can match a Bassman head to a Tremolux, Bandmaster or Showman cab. I additionally sourced 10-32 stainless truss-head screws to match the vintage style low-profile screw head and finished this off with stainless locknuts and washers. The width of new bar is the same as vintage bars.

Here are the clip bars, hardware and original bar (angled photo makes the orginal bar appear smaller than it really is):

closeup of bar end:

bars installed on Bassman head:

Bassman head mounted to Tremolux cab - now I can use the tilt-back piggyback features:

Pat Boyack

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Oct 19, 2011
My dad always says, "If you become a welder and a machinist you can do anything and will always make money."