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Eric Johnson “Virginia” Stratocaster


New member
Jul 5, 2019
So I read and watched a video about this guitar.
The details are quite interesting.
Im particularly interested in the neck shape. Eric explains in the video
that most vintage necks were more narrow, width wise.
After years of tweaking w aftermarket builds, trying to get them
shaped like my original 56’... that was my issue also.
Because it’s a $2500 guitar, none of the local stores have them.
Can anyone chime in about a hand held demo?

I too have some Les Pauls. I thought this may be the best place to inquire!




New member
Apr 2, 2020
You mean this one:

These are so new that not many people have one. What would convince me to buy one? Sassafras. Yet a Dimarzio pickup in the bridge position would take a little time to get adjusted to.

There is a blemished one on the AMS website. I'm sure one of the vendors on LPF can probably get you a factory new model.

Dave P

Oct 13, 2001
I tried one, the one I tried had a warm acoustic tone, which translated similarly when plugged in. It was on the smooth sounding side, instead of brash and strident. It could have been just this particular guitar, only tried one so far. I liked it a lot, though I didn't care for the weird out of phase sound on the #4 position. The neck wasn't as chunky as the real 1954 Strat the same dealer had in his shop, but it still had some beef to it. The one thing I really hated was the sticky, gummy lacquer on the neck, that was a big turn off though I liked the guitar a lot otherwise.


Feb 19, 2002
I did go out and buy one of these and Im impressed with it after a couple months

I have 2 other strats - a mexican with Fralins and a 98 '54 Mary Kaye custom shop relic (as well as some other gibsons and fnders and guilds etc. )

Ive been playing a long time

The attraction for me was the flatter radius neck , the sassafrass body and i like the little tweaks with the pickup, pots and bridge. I found a nicely grained open box one on reverb - 7.5 lbs(some are pretty heavy)

this thing does sound great acoustically and has a richer more acoustic type tone than my other guitars

i find the 4th setting to be not useful so far but im not big on 2/4 on strats anyway

it smells great I notice that for sure when i play it

It does have a nice smooth tone plugged in esp when rolling off treble. Its a very well built guitar. I told my brother i might become a new guitar snob