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Epiphone Crestwood Custom reissue


Jun 28, 2003
One of the more under-the-radar Epiphones is the Crestwood Custom, made in its original 3+3 tuner configuration from 1958-1962. Lenny Kravitz and The Roots' Kirk Douglas had one of these (Prince used Kirk's in a Tonight Show performance and broke it by throwing it up in the air and not catching it.). I didn't even know about this model until a few years ago when I learned about the 50th anniversary reissue of it. I bought one and really liked the tone of its minihumbuckers. It's similar to an SG, but with its own tonal character, and it balances better. I used it in this recording--called "Epiphoney," since the bass was an Epiphone Jack Casady-- with the Crestwood's wonderful dual-pickup tone on the left side and the bridge-pickup tone on the right:

The pickups read about 10k ohms for the rear and 6.5k ohms for the front, which I think is similar to the vintage ones. The rear pickup sounds quite like a PAF, so I actually used a 2002 R8 with the early Burstbucker 2 & 3 pickups to play the solo on the bridge pickup--the R8 does sustain better.

This reissue had a rosewood fingerboard and tailpiece decoration, and came with the vintage-style case shown. 1667167745751.jpeg The more recent reissue uses Indian laurel, and it has Graph Tech saddles, which might improve the tuning stability of the Trem-o-tone vibrato.

Old dude 70

Dec 20, 2021
My first electric was a 66 epi wilshire, cherry, batwing headstock, oval markers, mini hums, switch on the lower bout with the long seep guard, tv knobs and the epi vibrato with the wood and e inlay

seen a bunch of slightly different models but only 1 that was like mine, it was hanging at killer vintage guitars in Dallas

Dave P

Active member
Oct 13, 2001
I picked up one of the Coronets, for the money it is hard to beat. I did drop in a Fralin hum cancelling P90 so I don't have to deal with the hum.