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Dave's Guitar Shop


Mesa Master
Jul 19, 2001
dave you old fart!

quit hoarding all the vintage pieces upstairs dave,and start moving more,you used to have a ton of vintage guitars at fair prices.....................now everytime i check the website it's mostly new guitars,...........not much used either!..........so go find some more axes for us. but i will say that daves reputation is impeccable! great customer service, he backs everything he sells,and he doesn't sell dog legged bar- bq sticks! by the way, my buddy paul mantello says high!

Dave Rogers

Les Paul Forum, Premiere Dealer
Aug 4, 2001
Old Fart!

Hey, who's an old fart! Anyway, I'm sorry about the stash of old guitars I've got upstairs at the store. It is just an accumilation of the guitars I've collected over the years and I thought it was good to share them with the general public. It is getting to a point where people don't even see old guitars at guitar shows anymore! Most people that visit really enjoy seeing all of those great old guitars!
As for not having as much used and vintage stuff in stock anymore, I'd have to put the blame on our web site. When we used to mail out our stocklist once a month (and that was the rare occasion when we were on time) it seems like we had a good chance to build up the used stuff between mailings. Now that we update our site every day it seems that most of the good used & vintage stuff gets sold as soon as it was posted! Not that we have 20 Pre CBS Strats on the wall like the old days, but the stuff does sell quickly on our site.
Please say hi to Paul for me.


Dr. Nick, 'Hi Everybody'
Aug 9, 2001
Dave is THE MAN!

Dave's reputation is well-known, and that is why I like dealing with him. When he set me up with an original pair of PAF's out of a 1959 'Burst about 4 years ago, I have not looked back. He stands behind what he sells, he is fair, and he is trustworthy. There are so many dealers out there, especially vintage dealers, that give dealers a bad name. By the way, he is a heck of a nice guy, and he he has a staff to match...very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Thanks for everything Dave, Nick...

Larry Kirker

New member
Jul 15, 2001
My wife bought me a 68 fender champ amp from Dave's this past April for our anniversary. She had talked with them a few times before she drove there (about a 2 hour drive) She had nothing but good things to say about Dave's. I have not been there (my wife does not want me to go there) but she was impressed. A good place to shop.



Aug 26, 2001
Disregard last post,

sorry, had head up my ass. Found the website. Cool stuff!


New member
Jul 26, 2001
I'm glad that I live close enough to LaCrosse ( 1 Hour away if the cops aren't out ). I've never gotten a bad deal from Dave's

Brent K

todd richman

New member
Jan 11, 2002
Dave's is the best. In the last year I have purchased two R8 Authentics (a 2001 and 2002), an R7 Authentic and a recently acquired 1991 Classic Plus with an added middle pickup - think Dave Amato! Awesome inventory and I always look forward to seeing the crew and gear at the Philly guitar shows!!!
Plus Dave now has all of my various Relic Fender CS guitars- Les and Plexi is all I need...