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CS 336 ...your thoughts please?


Active member
Feb 25, 2004

How about this one? Not mine, saw it on Reverb. I can’t find any info on the trans black.

There may have been a very few in Trans Black for various "special runs" over the last 19 years while these were production run guitars, but the third to last line in the specs at your link includes "M2M" in that second serial-like order number shown. To me, that likely indicates this one was recently made (2020 I think, based on the actual serial number) and constructed as a custom order one-off in the "Made to Measure" program (which is, I believe, currently the only way to get a CS-336 or CS-356 made). I'm guessing that means the price is a "List" price derived from the specs. Generally, a bigsby adds to the M2M base price, as does the premium top wood and a custom (non-standard) color...


New member
Dec 21, 2020
Great to see 336s get a mention... I love mine (won't bother posting a pic as it's more or less identical to captaincanada's up in the 2nd post... sweet looking axe, only thing is I took the pickgaurd off) - it certainly gets more playtime than any of the other guitars I have... And like everyone else I definitely think it has it's own thing going on, sounds quite unlike any other guitar I have. Here's a clip.