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Clapton's Shameful Slide


Jul 5, 2017
Is Clapton not allowed to speak freely?

Is Clapton not allowed freedom of thought and expression?

Is Cray not allowed freedom of association, speech and thought?

Are we no longer allowed to use our critical thinking skills to navigate through life?

If not, who or what is binding our freedom? If the Government is restricting its citizens natural rights, then it is not legitimate and must be vanquished.


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Jul 5, 2019
Did Hambone Newbern sue Robert Johnson.?

There were stories he was murdered

It was the "Devil's Music," anyway. Someone has t'a pay the devil , his dues.
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May 25, 2021
Eric Clapton also won a Grammy award for his instrumental The Calling that he did with Santana on Santana's Supernatural album.

I guess he and Santana have been friends since the Sixties.


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Jan 19, 2009
Ferd D'Angelo who was a 70's phenom on the garage band circuit in the triple cities NY.

When he played triplets and trills his slightly off count was a thrill to hear.

It just lent an air of heaven to everything he played.

He had a mole on his middle finger which (unbeknownst to most) was the reason why his style was so unique.

Guys and girls would travel blocks to hear him play!

He was offered a recording contract and disappeared.

Many years later I found him on the Kansas farm circuit playing bass.

I asked him why he was not famous.

(And why he was playing bass!)

He told me that boarding the Greyhound for the city a freak gust of wind blew the door into him and he stuck out his left hand to catch it.

The edge tore off the mole and ended his career starting uniqueness.

Ferd had played and SG as well...


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Mar 28, 2009
That mole turned up in my garden not long after, and has been causing havoc, havoc I tells yer, ever since.

I find it exceptionally hard work watching the Wife struggle around the hills it leaves whilst cutting the grass.

Wise Guy

Apr 3, 2021
Cloudy water is always needed.

Questioning is always needed.

Truth cannot come out when thought or speech is suppressed.

Unfortunately there's a large portion of society willing to silence those they disagree with. Sad and weak minded.

Doc Sausage

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Nov 21, 2006
Not true.
mRNA technology is wonderful. Except on ever-mutating coronaviruses. Real vaccines target specific genetic sequencing and imperfect copies of polio and smallpox viruses, for example, are ineffective at retransmitting their disease. Imperfect copies of coronaviruses can still infect. And do. Some better, some worse.

It’s why they’re working on an Omicron vaccine, presently. Not sure why they didn’t work on a Delta vaccine. Probably because there were too many Alpha vaccines on the shelf that needed to be ‘moved.’ A lesson in Sales 101.

It’s also why flu vaccines are hit or miss. The wrong seasonal ‘guess’ or a new mutation can render the flu vax nearly useless in a particular year. About all a miss does is keep your immune system on guard and active, it can’t stop an imperfect copy from infecting you. If it could, you wouldn’t keep getting colds and flu. And why everyone got, or will get, Omicron. The vaccines were looking for Alpha when Delta and Omi slipped in. A lesson in coronavirus virology 101.

I’ll expect a firm and immediate cancellation for speaking this inconvenient truth of heresy! 😂
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