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Brand New Les Paul 60s Standard - Fretboard Issue?


New member
Apr 11, 2021
Hey guys,
I just picked up a brand new 2021 model Les Paul - This thing plays great (not even too stiff for a new guitar), sounds great and looks beautiful in the Unburst finish!
What's bothering me a little is I noticed some scrapes around the 14-17th frets that almost look like a file was taken to the fretboard. It also gets considerably lighter towards the upper frets... almost looks a bit dry.
It doesn't seem to affect the playability but considering it's a brand new guitar (not to mention what these things sell for), it kinda bugs me a little.

In your experience, is this something considered normal with current Gibsons or would this be a good reason to return the guitar for a different one?
My only other Gibson is a 2019 SG Standard which is absolutely impeccable.

Here are some pics for reference.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!




Well-known member
Apr 26, 2016
Welcome to the Forum , if it was mine I would get beyond the marks sounds like you are happy other than the marks . Enjoy your new Les Paul !


Well-known member
Jan 19, 2009
Pretty much normal.

They will wear off eventually.

Some of mine have those as well.

Big Al

Well-known member
Apr 24, 2002
Dry? Rosewood is naturaly oily and is almost impossible to dry out. Dry? Why is it everyone wants a soggy rosewood board, er a soggy dark board. Soggy ebony? Nope. Soggy maple? Nope. Soggy wenge, chechen, or any other boad wood??? Sand it smooth, super micro mesh smooth, it gets like glass and you won't believe what a pleasure it is to play on a perfectly smooth, untreated rosewood board feels like.

And you are right, on a new premium USA guitar, this is poor workmanship. They did better in the 70's and we should hold them to that standard. I'd return it and demand it get done right.