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Before Getting New Pups for G0 I am Gonna Try ...


May 17, 2015
The Burstbucker 1 and 2 in my Les Paul 60's Tribute sound amazing. The Burstbucker 1 and 2 in my G0, especially the neck pickup, don't really sound that great.

The action on the G0 is a lower than the Les Paul 60's Tribute. So, I am going to try to do a setup and have the pickups adjusted.

Any other thoughts to correct the pickups on the G0? Is it possible to get a new set of Burstbuckers (wax potted) to try in my G0?


New member
May 4, 2005
There is no "correct" setting for pickups on the G0. I'm not trying to be some kind of etheral hippie and say all settings are groovy. (I hate answers like that). I mean that some people like pickups set one way, some people like pickups set another way. Nobody is wrong because there isn't any unanimous "correct" setting.

What you can do to mess with the sound is raise/lower the pickups themselves. (high gives more output/volume that can distort and muddy up, low gives less volume and a more articulate sound with less boomy lows or shrill highs - relatively speaking of course). From there you can also mess with the pole pieces. Each strings pole piece may be raised/lowered and follows the same principals outlined above for pickup height. This can really change the sound of your pickups. Lastly, string gauge can change your sound too. Words can't really describe the change. For the cheap investment in strings it's best to try. I run my LP with 11s because I like the tone they produce over standard 10s.

I don't know about wax potted burstbuckers, but potting a pickup yourself is well within anyone's ability. Even if you're nervous and unsure you should still be able to pot a pickup yourself. Though personally, unless you need them potted, I prefer unpotted for sound. But again, that's a matter of personal taste and needs.

Easiest thing to try after adjustments is swapping pickups between your two guitars. Just to see if you get a sound you like better. Depending on your findings you can go from there.