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Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

Mustardc Caps

Oct 15, 2021
Hendrix used his LP Custom on All Along the Watchtower, and House Burning Down on Electric Ladyland. There may have been others but those are 2 songs I know of.

The 50s LP Customs also have Madagascar Ebony boards vs Gaboon. Madagascar has been banned for over a decade and a half. I bought a fretboard of Madagascar from International Luthiers Mercantile 20 years ago, but never used it. I started to use it on a 59 Burst replica I had made in 2015, but decided to just let the builder use Brazilian Rosewood.
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Aug 28, 2012
When were you there? I was there on Sunday afternoon. It was at the end of the room to left as you walked-in. I'm not sure how much it was selling for? I was going to ask, but the vender was with someone else at the time.

Yeah, that '61, while beautiful and I would love to have one, was crazy money, exactly as you mentioned; because it was Neal Schon's.


We went down Saturday from open to about 3:30ish.

Here is a tease btw