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Abr mounting tone


New member
Sep 17, 2018
Recently i decided to try raising my action on my usa lp i’ve been converting to burst spec. But i lowered it back because after raising the action from .070 and .060 on the high and low e at the 12th fret to .080 and .070, the tone DIED. As if the strings had suddenly aged three months. I lowered it and all was well. I think it may be because my abr is mounted on nashville studs and raising the studs reduced stability and energy transfer worse than what it was. But another big part of this experiment is that on my current low action (which also has a very straight neck), i noticed basically all of my notes, unless hit softly, would buzz slightly acoustically. Not in an annoying way but more like a pleasing sparkle that seems to add treble when amplified without letting the buzz through. The main reason im wondering is im considering getting the Callaham conversion studs and i didnt know if my tone loss came from raising the nashville studs or if im ironically losing tone from lessening string buzz