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'64 Fender Vibroverb


Jun 11, 2002
I got the '64 Vibroverb in a trade with a friend. I gave him a bunch of stuff and got to reclaim some needed floorspace in my cave as well as get a great amp. My big plan is to play through the amp until it sells, and I used it recently on a gig where it sounded pretty &^%$ fantastic. Particularly on Funk 49. Here's what he wrote:

"Here's an interesting amp... 1964 Fender Vibroverb 1 X 15 combo. Yes, This is the Stevie Ray Vaughan amp! I am selling this amp for less than I have into it... and it's "stupid cheap" for what it is... $4,000 USD... even with the changes listed further down in this ad... so here's the story. I bought this amp and had my amp tech go through it... lots of messy work and cheap replacement components. So I had the amp cleaned up and restored - with the best vintage style caps and resistors, etc. The PT was wrong and replaced, and we installed the correct Hammond replacement. The cost of this extensive work was @$650. The baffle was wrong, so I had a plywood baffle made with an aged, correct grill cloth. The "aged" cloth I purchased still didn't look quite right and dark enough, so I did the research and further aged it until it looked the part. The speaker is an old re-coned JBL. Pretty much what would have originally been in there, but a replacement... it sounds fantastic and I would never change it! So what's with the "Joe Walsh Barnstorm" thing? As far as I can tell, Joe Walsh toured (and perhaps recorded) with this amp in the early 70s. [ed: or not!] My tech sent a picture of the amp to Joe on Facebook and Joe "liked" it. That's all I know! As you can see, I had a padded cover made. There's an old footswitch included - plus all the detailed info on the work just done by my amp tech. The amp weighs 56lbs... so not a feather, but not a boat anchor either. I would ship... but at your expense and risk. Thanks for looking! ..."
My current working theory is that, if it's not one of Joe's old amps, that Banksy is a big Barnstorm fan and used to own the amp. Or not.

The amp is in Toronto, and can be shipped to the US from a US address, or to a Canadian address from Canada, for actual cost. Happy to go over them in whatever detail I can provide.

Some pix:

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