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1977 Les Paul wiring.


New member
Jul 28, 2021
I ordered replacement input, pot's & toggle because I was getting a little noise from my les Paul. I ordered from Stew Mac and verified with a friend that works on these that Stew Mac usually has good stuff. My problem is after I soldered everything in to place. I get NO input. The original had a "hat" that was attached to the input jack and fit snuggly into the noise cancelling metal cylinder which is in the input bore. Does that "hat" ground the circuit somehow and that's why I am have no input? If so where can I order that special input jack?

PS. solder connections on input all are good and I couldn't see any electrical grounding to that casing unless it was that hat piece.


Active member
Jun 25, 2007
I assume you mean output jack (guitars don't have input jacks!). I'm not quite sure what you mean by a "hat" (pictures would help) but 70's Gibsons typically had a metal shielding can around the jack, the shielding can is in direct contact with the jack socket body so needs no additional ground connection. Would need to see good clear pictures of your wiring to be able to help diagnose any problems.