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  1. slater529

    fixing lifted fretboard inlays on a vintage SG?

    I recently acquired a very nice '65 SG that has a few lifting inlays on the neck. I'm thinking about regluing them with Super Glue from StewMac using the whip tip applicator to get the glue underneath. I'm concerned about squeeze-out getting on the fretboard though... Does anyone have...
  2. slater529

    GA-5T Skylark

    I picked up a '60 or '61 GA-5T (tremolo) Skylark a few weeks ago, and thought I'd share. I had a heck of a time finding a schematic for it, but finally found a hand-drawn schematic and tube chart on line. Apparently, they were only made for two years, and they're fairly rare. It's a 5 watter...
  3. slater529

    FS: Bare Knuckle 'The Mule' pickups

    SOLD! Great sounding PAF style pickups for sale. Raw Nickel Covers (naturally aged) 4-Conductor Wiring Long Leg Standard Spacing Bridge 8.3K Neck 7.2K Mounting screws and springs included Black Bobbins The natural aging is hard to photograph, but I think it shows up pretty well in photo #3...
  4. slater529

    Help with 335 Toggle Switch

    I have a '99 MIJ Epiphone ES-335, and the pickup toggle switch keeps popping back to the center position. I'll be playing along in the bridge position, and all of a sudden the switch pops back to center position. It happens from the neck position as well. Is there an adjustment or a...