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    Gibson CS LP '68 Reissue Gold Top Survey

    I just wanted to know from the owners of these instruments, what they think, good or bad, about their particular guitar. I am considering purchasing one. Thanks, Civman1
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    WTB: 2018 Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary '68 Reissue Gold Top

    Looking for this particular guitar. I guess that only 68 were ever made. May be a tall order finding one.
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    1974 LP Custom Top

    I have a 4 piece maple top on this LP. I know they are supposed to have 3 piece maple tops. A luthier friend of mine told me that Gibson had 3 and 4 piece maple tops on the early Norlin LPs. Does anyone know that to be factual?
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    '74 LP Custom Tuners

    Did ALL '74 LP Customs have gold Kluson Waffleback Supertuners? My '74 Custom has Kluson Waffleback tuners with pearloid tulip keys and gold backs. Did they come both ways?
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    Stock Tuners

    What are the correct tuners for a 1974 Les Paul Custom? What is the value of a set of Gold Kluson Waffle back tuners? Thanks
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    1975 Norlin Les Paul Custom

    Does anybody know where I can get an original 1975 gold plated tailpiece for this guitar? Thanks Forum Members
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    Which of these Explorers are more collectable?

    A 1976 58' reissue explorer or a 1983 '58 reissue korina explorer? What are the tonal differences and overall physical differences (other than the wood)? Where to find either of these instruments for sale, other than ebay?
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    Indentify this Norlin please

    I have a 70's Norlin era LP Custom, Serial # 127779. The body is a 2 piece mahogany sandwich, with a mahogany neck and ebony fret board. What things can I look for to nail down the "exact" year of manufacture? Part numbers or distinctive body features? Guitar is a cherry burst. Condition is...
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    1971 LP Custom Question

    Friends, Would someone supply me with a picture or information on parts for a 1971 Les Paul Custom Cherry Sunburst?. I am attempting to get this guitar back to stock appearance but can't find any pictures on the WWW. I am in the last stages of restoration. Thanks
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    Les Paul Serial Number Request

    Would someone out here in the forum please identify my Les Paul Custom for me. The serial number is 127779. The guitar has been refinished(perloid white) and the plating is gold. Heavy as hell. Thanks to all!
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    71 LP Custom Refinish

    I have a 71 LP Custom, and I just love the sound. The previous owner had the guitar refinished in a perloid white, with raised binding. I want to return the guitar to its original color. Gibson has told me that the 71 only came in ebony or sunburst. Can somebody confirm this? I was going to...
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    Volume/Tone witch hat knobs for a '71 LPC

    Hello Everybody, Does anybody know where I can get Volume/Tone witch hat knobs for a '71 Les Paul Custom. They have those little silver disc's on top of each knob that read VOL or TONE respectively. I've tried to get original replacements, but no go. Thank You