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  1. K

    Jimmy Page Style Throbaks

    I've been researching for pickups for my next LP and wasnt sure what Jon may recommend for a JP Pre 72 style pickup set. The Demos of the Pre and Post 72 sets from Rewind seems promising as well but theyre much more expensive and have a longer wait time. My current LP i had a set custom made...
  2. K

    Schaller Locks Spinning

    They're the new S-Locks with the set screw which doesn't come loose. There's supposed to be little spikes to hold the strap but they're almost nonexistent so there's not much for the strap to grip, even when tightened as much as I can. I may just JB Weld a spiked washer to the lock that'll dig...
  3. K

    Schaller Locks Spinning

    I've been trying to use schaller locks because the stock gibson strap button is too small to hang on to a strap and grolsch washers wont stay on. The horseshoe of the lock tends to shift around and eventually point the wrong way no matter how tightened it is. How do you stop the lock from spinning?
  4. K

    Jimmy Page Neck PAF

    I just received a Manlius T-Top to pair with my paf clone in the neck and MAN that t top sounds great and really gives that middle position quack! (though unfortunately, it seems to be wound reverse from most pickups so I had to flip my neck magnet to keep the pickups in phase) Even though it...
  5. K

    Jimmy Page Wembley 2008 Settings

    I was binge watching all things Page/Zeppelin as usual and upon re-watching Page and JPJ play Ramble On with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, during the long sustained note solo, I noticed the camera, while doing a close-up on Page, was also doing a good close-up of one of his Orange AD30's...
  6. K

    Abr mounting tone

    Recently i decided to try raising my action on my usa lp i’ve been converting to burst spec. But i lowered it back because after raising the action from .070 and .060 on the high and low e at the 12th fret to .080 and .070, the tone DIED. As if the strings had suddenly aged three months. I...
  7. K

    50s wiring tone knob problems

    In my 2017 LP trad, i have a bb2 in the bridge, and a bb1 in the neck. For reference i use my controls the way this thread describes http://www.mylespaul.com/threads/how-to-use-the-controls-on-a-les-paul.48038/ When my bridge vol is on 10, the tone knob works as it should. But, when the vol is...