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  1. Joe Boy

    Force 10 From Navarone

    Not to bad, but I think I'll look up the original, The Guns of Navarone. I really like these old ones. There are so many military movies out today it makes it hard to pick a good one. Nothing like a great old fashioned war movie on my day off. ...:salude
  2. Joe Boy

    How to date Les Paul Std. Plus

    I'm trying to remember how to date my standard plus. I'm getting ready to sell it and need a build year and ball park asking price. Its in good cond. with GoodWoods. ...00382497
  3. Joe Boy

    Melt down at the LPF

    ...may day may day..!!..Ctrl alt delete..Ctrl alt delete..!!.. ...call 911 the shoes are all on sale!!! :##
  4. Joe Boy

    Just a quick thought...

    Great set today. All the right stuff. My amp dialed in and cranked...thank you very much Mr. Smith. Sound guys did a magnificent job and everyone on the same page. I was really able to stretch out and just go for it on a few of the songs we played. Cutting to the chase...I was surprised and...
  5. Joe Boy

    Reinhardt Vintage Fifty

    Just a quick post to express my appreciation of what a great amp he used to build. At times I think of selling it as I don't play this one that much these days, but when it gets out..I'm still over joyed with the tone it brings to the table. :jim Anybody else have any of Bobs amps? :jim...
  6. Joe Boy

    Flippy Floppy pup...aack!

    So the neck pup on my r8 keeps coming loose. I set it to height and after playing it for a while it starts to sink. I took it out and checked the threads and where the screw goes through the foot. The only thing I can figure is the surround is suspect. It looks like where the screw goes through...
  7. Joe Boy

    serial number question, r8 historic

    In a five digit marking the 8 being the r8 then space followed by the next four numbers...what is the model year..etc. etc... I used to know all this, but could use a little help. Thanks. . .:##
  8. Joe Boy

    Compression Question

    A good friend of mine just gave me a couple of his pedels he wasn't using that much. An old Boss CS-1 compression sustainer and a Menatone Howie.."sweet". Anyway, for those of you that dig a little compression, where the heck does it sit in the chain of effects?
  9. Joe Boy

    Wired for Sound

    Whats the difference between 50's and modern? I've looked into the soldering difference's, but what's the tonal?
  10. Joe Boy


    Thought some of you guys might like this.
  11. Joe Boy

    57 Goldtop/Bigsby

    If you have one, lets see it. And how much difference is there between it and a regular 57? I've been smitten..
  12. Joe Boy

    Yep, it's a 58

    An I do luv's me some washed cherry. 05 R8 A little over 9lbs. Completley stock.
  13. Joe Boy

    Date Please

    Hi, did a search but gave up. If an R8 has 8 XXXX..is the XXXX or the XXXX the year built? Thanks guy's. I imagine this has been asked before.
  14. Joe Boy

    Price check

    Whats the current price of a gloss plain top r8?
  15. Joe Boy

    It was bound to happen

    Although it took about two years. My 58 received her first beauty mark today. Bumped the backside just behind the jack plate and left a little reminder to be more carefull. Pretty steamed at first :jaw but got over it fairly quickly. I guess it was bound to happen. And if you ask me, two...
  16. Joe Boy

    I'm seeing red??

    Whats the deal with the red along the side of the neck binding? Or am I the only one with a 58 that looks like they forgot to tape it off? I seem to remember reading somewhere this was normal. Beats me as how it could be. Got into a debate as to why or what causes this.
  17. Joe Boy

    Silent Night

    Happy New Year "Let's Jam!" ~Happy New Year~ Joe
  18. Joe Boy

    You know that feeling...?

    When your reaching for your wallet and can't seem to find the strength to pull that little hunk of leather out of your jeans. Your heart starts pounding, feeling alittle dizzy maybe. And you start thinking of everything else you could get for this kind of money. ...Noooooooo...not that...
  19. Joe Boy

    Wanna see what I got?

    05 Plain Jane 58 So far so good!