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  1. bern1

    what do you think of weight-relieved Les Pauls

    How is the balance on these guitars. Not too headstock heavy? Do you have to hold the neck up with your left hand?
  2. bern1

    Reverb Tank

    Looks like a cool piece of kit. Looks like the full reverb circuit. What kind of term circuit is it?
  3. bern1

    British sound, or American sound?

    Another vote for both! It goes in waves, or, more accurately, it depends on the project I’m involved with. My amp arsenal is split pretty evenly. But when it really comes down to it, I love the Marshall sound For rock and blues!
  4. bern1

    Check out this sweetie pie 2001 Gibson Nick Lucas Special

    Nice guitar and great singing on a cool song man.
  5. bern1

    A bit of Mick Taylor.

    Crusade remains one of my all time favorite guitar records. Taylor’s playing and tone is stellar.
  6. bern1

    What happened to the LPF Member here " IMMUSICRULZ" ??

    Well at least he seemed to be truly enthusiastic!
  7. bern1

    Clapton with Les Paul Custom, 1969

    Pretty broad generalization I would think. Sure, there are assholes in every walk of life.
  8. bern1

    Gibson Boss Collection

    I guess it’s good to have the boss be a vintage enthusiast.
  9. bern1

    buckers recommendation for ES-345 (more british/Claptonish tone)

    I like the Antiquities as well. But after years of screwing around with pickups I guess I’ve just gotten lazy. Once you fiddle with the settings, change guitars or amps, then I can’t really figure out where I am with the pickups. I put the Antiquities in a Les Paul that had Burstbuckers. I...
  10. bern1

    Top-wrap a Gibson ES-335...?

    Damn, I think it is all over the world. I’m in California and everybody is so glad to put masks and mandates behind us but the C cases are climbing. I’m one of ‘em, just now ditching it after two weeks.
  11. bern1

    Clapton with Les Paul Custom, 1969

    Yeah, the good old days were good! But these days are pretty cool as well. Plus, EC still brings it!
  12. bern1

    Top-wrap a Gibson ES-335...?

    I top wrap a stop tail guitar if the bridge sits a little high compared to the stop. I like to have the stop screwed down as low as it can go. Sometimes that makes for a really sharp angle at the bridge, hence the top wrap. I can’t say I really can tell any difference with any kind of...
  13. bern1

    Freddy King's goldtop-- any photos?

    Old thread, don’t know how I missed it, as Freddie King was always my favorite blues player during my “formative” years. I’ll never forget seeing him play in a small club in Toronto in 1976. Everything said about him in this thread is true. He was huge, he was loud, he was great and I got...
  14. bern1

    A bit of Mick Taylor.

    I bought the MT record when it first came out, still have it and listen once in a while. It’s a great guitar player’s record. I can still remember the first time I heard Taylor on Crusade in the late ‘60’s. Awesome vibrato and soulful playing from a very young man. As a slightly younger man...
  15. bern1

    Parlez-vous Francais? 1960 Burst!

    Wow, if that is the case, that makes two “abandoned” sunburst Les Pauls that have appeared in the space of 2 or 3 weeks.
  16. bern1

    Why do some people hate vintage guitars?

    Well then, I’ll bet that if you are doing the evaluating in that case, you will confirm your bias! I think mojo is all in the fingers.
  17. bern1

    Why do some people hate vintage guitars?

    Pricing: Well, this is just the way it goes, it’s completely normal in a collector’s market. Especially in a world awash in a sea of cash where everybody is an enthusiast. It’s the same in a lot of areas, not just guitars. Not saying I like it, but it’s reality. Let’s face it, nobody...
  18. bern1

    Why, why, why...

    Where’s the relic job on the case? I was looking for that. Then there’s “the frets are incredible.” Yeah, that should sell the guitar…….
  19. bern1

    Why do some people hate vintage guitars?

    Well this line of argument is nothing new. It predates the internet. There have always been people to whom vintage didn’t mean anything. Who thought there was no difference in the feel or sound. Who didn’t care for the vintage price premium, thought it was too much, unwarranted, etc. Or...