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  1. sglp63

    Is there a list of Bonamassa's bursts?

    9 0346 was also up for auction last year, together with some publishing rights and a '63 Vibroverb, but didn't sell, so maybe he still owns it.
  2. sglp63

    Current bursts for sale...

    That works out at c. $225k (incl. the commission).
  3. sglp63

    Brian Jones and his wonderful Gretsch

    He played slide on No Expectations - his last but no means least contribution to the Stones' repertoire. BTW, his '68 Goldtop fetched $704,000 in 2020.
  4. sglp63

    History of Angus Young's Guitars

    Interesting video on Angus Young's guitars over the years (posted in this section for obvious reasons...):
  5. sglp63

    1969 Stones in Hyde Park - M. Taylor playing some fine Slide on a Burst

    Yes, although Mick T had bought it off Keith in '67 whilst he was with the Bluesbreakers (after his Burst had been stolen). It was used by both guitarists during the '69 tour. Here it is in action at MSG a few months later:
  6. sglp63

    Current bursts for sale...

    Judging by the Bezos or Gates pocket depth requirement, I don't think we're looking at a substantial bulk purchase discount here...
  7. sglp63

    '65 Strat guard.

    Might also have been due to the shrinking of the celluloid. Many mint green pre-CBS Strat pickguards are cracked near the screw adjacent to the neck PU., which probably only became apparent after a few years.
  8. sglp63

    Current bursts for sale...

    The Grainger Burst reached $350k (incl. BP). I’d have thought it would go further, also given that price levels generally didn’t exactly come across as being low… 9 0643 went for $300k.
  9. sglp63

    Magic of an Esquire

    Interesting subtitles - never knew the lyrics to Texas Flood were: Let’s flap down in Texas me All the telephone lines are down It's flattened down on tax evader Far lines around
  10. sglp63

    Current bursts for sale...

    And another one (9 0643 - no pic yet): '59 Burst HA
  11. sglp63

    Current bursts for sale...

    NIce looking '59 (9 0696) coming up for auction in July: '59 Burst HA Edit: The Grainger Burst, not surprising it's nice looking!
  12. sglp63

    How about a little vintage Fender love?

    The DVDs (Your Old Guitar Strat/Tele) are even better...
  13. sglp63

    1954 stratocaster

    Might be a batch number or something similar. As far as I am aware, the #s only seem to be found on early pre-full scale production '54 Strats.
  14. sglp63

    Worn maple neck.

    Cool. Looks like a '58 or '59.
  15. sglp63

    An Interesting Picture

    Ronny Proler
  16. sglp63

    Just watched the new Lynyrd Skynyrd doc on Amazon. Some very cool guitars!

    Definitely worth seeing. Sad how many of the featured members of the pre-crash line-up(s) aren't around any more though...
  17. sglp63

    An Interesting Picture

    Looks like the Rev took Pearly along to pay Ronny P a visit.
  18. sglp63

    $704k for Brian Jones's '68 Gold Top

    Brian Jones's '68 Gold Top just fetched $704k at Julien's Auctions Bill Wyman property auction. That should presumably place it in the top 3 for known Les Paul sale prices...