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  1. Z

    Congratulations Wildwood Guitars on 100K

    Congratulations Wildwood! The best company I have used for three guitars.
  2. Z

    Firebird 1 has landed.

    The number is 21 not 12! That is a nice guitar.
  3. Z

    A Great Guitar Day

    Interesting that he put minihumbuckers in the 52'. I bet that was fun, what was your favorite amp that day?
  4. Z

    Is there a list of Bonamassa's bursts?

    Maybe he got tired of the crap he was getting here.
  5. Z

    AI generated Les Pauls

    Why do those Les Pauls have 70`s porn mustaches? And where can I get one?
  6. Z

    Anybody else a fan of Luis Salinas...?

    Thanks lgking . I like being introduced to different bands on LPF.
  7. Z

    Where's Charlie (CDaughtry) Been?

    Maybe he got bored with LPF? Found something better.
  8. Z

    A bit of Mick Taylor.

    I think Mick got tired of the blues. I saw him once in the 80's and all he played was jazz fusion. YUCK! I remember he had Roger Troy on bass, who played with Mike Bloomfield and maybe even Electric Flag. Next time I saw him , he was playing songs that were on his live album. Much better! Red...
  9. Z

    A bit of Mick Taylor.

    I haven't heard that song in years. I should dig that album out again.
  10. Z

    Seeking help with choosing my first Gibson LP?

    2002 Gibson really upped their game. 50th year in business.
  11. Z

    NAD 1959 Magnatone Custom 280 High Fidelity

    Wow! That is the first PANaramic amp I've seen here. I just bought a Panaramic 260 style amp. Nice amp.
  12. Z

    I have a les paul traditional 2013, doesn't fit in case?

    Man. I still remember the day I snapped the neck by closing the case at the wrong time.
  13. Z

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    Good to hear he is still kicking.
  14. Z

    Mini Marshall or Marshall Mini ?

    Looks good to me. Marshall Mini.
  15. Z

    I just realized I never got my 20 year gift

    20 more years and you will get that gift BillieMartin, and not those damn twins, who keep getting all your gifts! And it will be glorious. Why can't twins share a present? That's an idea. Welcome to LPF!
  16. Z

    TV Western Questions

    How about Tales Of Wells Fargo or Cheyanne or Wild Wild West ? One a 1/2 hour ,the others 1 hour. Your right, 1/2 hour wraps it up quick, 1 hour gets some fast forwarding.
  17. Z

    TV Western Questions

    I like how the “mares leg” isn’t in a holster but a kinda of platform. Jim,you set me straight. I didn’t think about less ammo. It would seem less accurate with short barrel. I am ignorant on Ernest T. Bass. The name sounds familiar,but a blank. Wagon Train is another good show. These shows...
  18. Z

    TV Western Questions

    I seem to be watching TV Westerns a lot instead of the news lately .I have questions for other fans. Would you rather haveThe Rifleman’s Winchester,or Steve McQeen’s sawed off rifle in Wanted Dead Or Alive? I was thinking about the boy on Rifleman. He saw his father kill ex-friends and enemies...
  19. Z

    Accordion Amps

    I have not heard of Giulietti. Thanks!
  20. Z

    Accordion Amps

    Does anybody use these for guitar playing? Stereo guitar maybe. What brands do you like? Thanks.