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    I'm digging a varitone on my ML Les Paul

    Wish I had used a varitone years ago. They are a great tonal option for humbuckers. For over 20 years, I had a varitone in a pedal. It sat around. I never used it. I didn't understand its usefulness until recently. Back then I was mainly a strat/tele player. However, now I'm primarily 335, Les...
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    Pinging sound from between tail piece and bridge - how to stop

    I hear the pinging badly on my 2020 ML Les Paul. It's from the ringing behind between the bridge and tail piece. It happens especially when I pluck notes hard on the G and D and around the 14th fret, but also if I play hard notes around the 5th/7th fret. Strings are top wrapped. It still...
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    Where to buy lower valued 500k volume pots (425K, 450k,...)

    My bright Les Paul really sounds much better after replacing its bridge volume pot measuring around 570K with another one around 450K. I need to do this with another Les Paul. Where can I buy the lower value 500k pots, those that varied on the low side, in the 450 range. I've heard of people on...
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    Dropped my Firebird

    An old strap came unraveled around the hole material. It slipped off the neck strap post. It fell onto the carpeted stage. Kinda hit neck first, but body hit too. It seems structurally fine. No cracks. Perhaps a ding on the body front. Very lucky. It was in tune. It has those Steinberger...
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    Custom Bucker 7.6k is anemic when not on 10

    Not loving the custom bucker in the bridge of my 20’ Murphy Lab Les Paul. Looking for solutions. Anyone nailed it. Below is more info about the guitar as well as some directions to go from other posts. Looking for input from someone who has fixed this issue. Some Details It’s light for a Les...
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    Murphy Lab Les Paul 60s review - bright, custom buckers

    Gigged with my new Murphy Lab Les Paul finally. Had it for about 6 weeks. Finally got to play it at gig volume. In short, I liked it a lot. Glad I got it. I wouldn't mind tweaking it a bit. So non-haters, please let me know what you think if you have something contstructive to contribute. Here's...
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    New Les Paul/Gibson knobs - volume and tone decals fell off

    Faulty knobs: Got a new Les Paul a couple of weeks ago. It's a Murphy and not cheap of course. Today I noticed two knobs were missing the shiny decal (or whatever) that says "volume" and "Tone" on top of the knobs. First of all, have they always been decals? I looked on my 2014 63 RI 335. It's...
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    Nut slot height on new Les Paul (Murphy)-are you expected to cut it lower?

    Is the answer to just carve the nut slots deeper? Here are the details: One Les Paul, a G0, has a perfect nut slot height. Its action is set low, the nut slot is low, and it feels slinky and easy to play. I'd like to get my new Murphy Les Paul to be as nice feeling. I've set its action/relief...