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  1. rick c

    Meet The Gibsons

    My Gibsons: 81 ES-Artist, 87 LPC, 88 ES-335
  2. rick c

    Share Your ES335

    6100LE one of 800 in brass and blue. Here's a naked shot taken while lubing pots:
  3. rick c

    Share Your ES335

    My 88 ES-335, it's older sister an 80 ES-Artist and an 87 LPC:
  4. rick c

    Other people playing your guitars...

    When I was a teen, I recall the horror as a friend of mine's new Rickenbacker 4001 got its back scarred badly by a drummer's American eagle belt buckle. Guy just picked it up wthout permission and started goofing around. I've trained my kids (17,15,12) to wash their hands, no sharp objects...
  5. rick c

    Ding in top

    If you have small children, it happens....
  6. rick c

    Simple question ..... what is the coolest non Gibson guitar ?

    EBMM Majesty. Tiny, light, fast....
  7. rick c


    I finally pulled the pup covers to complete my Brian Robertson LPC clone. I've owned this new since 87 and should have done this 34 years ago. Love it.
  8. rick c

    P-Rail Jimmy Page wiring combination

    This YouTube site, Breja Toneworks, may be of help: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6qN_Mawxll3acVBaVpBLnQ
  9. rick c

    Les Paul Artist Models

    I have the fatter sister, an '80 ES Artist:
  10. rick c

    London Les Paul Set up recommendations

    Google and YouTube are your friends. Easy stuff, loads of detailed explanations and how to videos. This is not rocket science and well worth learning yourself
  11. rick c

    My Les Paul Custom

    Welcome to the Black Beauty group Andy. Your guitar looks great. I have to wonder how Gibson squeeze another 0.7lbs into yours! I bought my 87 new from a store in Glasgow and weighs in at 9.8lb. It's been through a few subtle cosmetic mods over the years but all original parts are kept...
  12. rick c

    Is this a normal tuning problem for a Les Paul?

    Lots of really good stuff from jrgtr42 above. My first thought was also about storage. My regular guitars are on stands in my living room so they are always at room temp, however, I set my necks really straight, just a tiny bit of relief and low action. I find that if I play a guitar for...
  13. rick c

    Two Les Paul Artists

    Beautiful Mike! I have a fatter sister Artist and her sister. Really odd tone combinations with the Artist electronics and an extraordinarily well-made guitar:
  14. rick c

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    Hi Al: I'm late joining the mojo thread. Thanks for all your valuable contributions; you have been of great help to me. I enjoy your blunt and to-the-point posts. It looks like I'm moving again after 8 months of unemployment so I took some pictures to update my insurance files today and...
  15. rick c

    Help 1986 les paul standard

    Jules: There are many LP owners that also have PRS guitars; I've played a few but never owned one. There's so much that goes into what is the right guitar for the specific application. I've never weighed my guitars but as commented earlier my EBMM Majesty is a breeze to play, never goes out of...
  16. rick c

    Help 1986 les paul standard

    -He told me the headstock angle is apparently good An odd comment as the headstock angle is a factory design feature so it can't be "good" or "bad". As El Gringo notes, watch out for a headstock break. This headstock comment would worry me. Please get and share pictures of the back of the...
  17. rick c

    Question concerning replacement parts for a '77 Les Paul Standard.

    Beware buying knobs! the older ones are "fine knurling" 24 spline (My 87 Les Paul has these) but knobs are also sold with "coarse knurling" 18 spline
  18. rick c

    Pick up rings

    I replaced stock, 87 black LPC rings with StewMac ones. As Mattyboy commented, the stock neck ring is really thin but I was OK with this, I was just changing from black to cream. My original rings looked like they had simply been screwed on without shaping so the tops of the rings were curved...
  19. rick c

    Pick up rings

    If you are starting with squared rings sanding will take forever. I transferred the body curve from my old rings to the new ones with pencil and started forming the curves by scraping with a box cutter blade. This is so much faster than sandpaper. When I got really close to a matched profile...
  20. rick c

    '89 Les Paul Custom with mixed pickups?

    Rusty Strings: I also have a 1988 ES-335 (June 21st) with the same (looking) pickups as my 87 LPC. I replaced the neck pup due to a broken coil wire and haven't fixed it yet so currently there is a 57 Classic in that position. Sounds great. Of course, now we are all wiser regarding what is and...