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  1. K

    A beer I think you guys can get behind

    I’d upgrade the tuning pegs though...
  2. K

    Not a fan of clowns & tight flames, so I bought one...

    NGD (Formerly, Not a fan of clowns & tight flames, so I bought one..." I don't know why. Something about it just says the 1960's to me. Kind of hippyish. Kind of like a car crash, I couldn't stop looking :D. Normally this type of flame bugs my eyes, but somehow there's a softness in the...
  3. K

    CS Johnny Winter Firebird

    My pal bought this from the estate a few years back and I had a chance to check it out. I was amazed at the workmanship/artistry of it. I would have thought it the original. The neck feel was amazing - wow.
  4. K

    Replacing aftermarket pickups with stock

    Plenty of threads with the opposite, so I figured I’d pipe in with this one :) When I bought my 2013 Joe Perry I played a few gigs with it stock, got quite a few compliments on it’s sound and personally really dug the tone. Very “woody” you felt like you really heard the guitar’s personality...
  5. K

    CC & Artist Custombuckers

    Hi fellas, So normal custombuckers are made with Alnico 3s but I am wondering if the CC and Artist pups use magnets that better reflect the tonal properties of the guitar they are trying to replicate? Or is the furthest they go is measuring the resistance of the winds?
  6. K

    Extra Hide Glue!

  7. K

    Modern Nitro "feel"

    Hi fellas, I was playing my Joe Perry '13 burst re-issue today and pulled out my '65 es125tdc and noticed that I couldn't tell much of a difference in the feel of the neck. It made me wonder if there was a big difference in the nitro Gibson used in the late '50s compared to the '60s? Cause if...
  8. K

    On paper this '72 custom should be pretty bad...

    A brought over my '13 Joe Perry burst over to my buddy's the other day for him to check out. He's like, hey man check out this '72 I picked up. I played it and it was great - fast neck, 9.1 lbs. I plug it in and was blown away with the neck pup - definitatley a tone everyone would appreciate...
  9. K

    NGD JP (VOS)

    Funny story with this one. It had been sitting in the local shop for quite a long time. It never really looked that good - the board was dry and had a greyish look to it, the guitar was hung below waste level in the shade and the maple cap didn't seem like one that would be on a $7K guitar and I...
  10. K

    Lyre Vibrolo - chrome or nickel?

    I need to replace the "Maestro Vibrato" on a new Gibson Custom SG standard re-issue VOS and was wondering which would be period correct - historically speaking. Thanks in advance!
  11. K

    R6 Black top

    I saw an R6 with a black top on ebay and thought it looked pretty good. but I missed the auction ;( Anyhow, I need a p90 equipped Lp and am tired of gold tops and wondering how the heck I can find another r6 but in a black top. It doesn;'t seem to be in the Gibson custom shop catalog...
  12. K

    Having a Real problem dating this one

    Was over at a friends house who had this old LP given to him as part of a debt. He asked me what year it was. The serial number was 71098XXX so by the 8 digit serial number I just assumed it was a 78. But what is throwing me off is the "ski jump" valute on the back of the neck. I don't remember...
  13. K

    Historic LP live...man was I ever impressed!

    All I can say is holy $hit!!!! I've had the guitar ('04 R8) for a few weeks but didn't have any gigs until last night. I was a little uneasy about the guitar and don't praise the glories of somehting just because I own it...if you know what I mean. ;) At home I thought it sound really good...
  14. K

    Why are the bridge saddles screws black?

    '04 R8. CA The screw heads for the bridge saddles are black - is that normal? While I'm at it, the wire is black as well.
  15. K

    50's wiring "no workie" well. Grounding Q?

    Ok, I switched to the 50's wiring on my 58RI (04) so that when I roll off volume I don't lose all my tone. I play directly into my amp and roll the volume up on leads and down on rythm. Ok here's what happened - There's a slight difference when I roll off the volume, some of my tone is saved -...
  16. K

    LPH Volume Pots - no good for me`

    I've read quite a bit here about the upgrades, but specifically to my needs I'm posting. I have an R8 '04 and am happy with it stock, I don't want to change the tone of the guitar at all really. The only thing that kills me are these volume pots. I play straight into my amp and use my volume pot...
  17. K

    Back in the club after 20 years

    Probably paid a little extra but after looking at so many 58's this one just made me pull the trigger - have no clue why. I dropped a 30th anniversary GT off a drum riser (I was using bread clips for strap locks) back in '84 and it was toast. I never bought another one until now. I'll let you...
  18. K

    Need advice on picking an LPCH

    JUst a couple of Q's, I'm not up to speed on my LP's. I'm looking for a 2003-2004 version of either an R8,R9,R0. I'm not to intrested in spending the big dough on a R9 because I'm not big on the figured look. I'm more into the old washed out look. BUT, I am interested in a certain tone. I've...