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    2014 Custom Shop R8 Wildwood Spec Featherweight 7lb 12 oz

    Gentlemen and Ladies I just purchased this guitar and I assumed that it is non weight relieved. A friend and so called expert just told me that in fact it is weight relieved. Does anyone here know for sure. thanks RAR
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    Medallion Firebird '72 used '63 Bodies?

    Heard, read something about these guitars using old 60's bodies. Any truth to that? Thanks RAR
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    Why is a post 2013 Historic better than earlier years?

    Not trying to kick the Hornet nest but a few guitar experts have told me that the best years for recent Gibson Les Paul Historic production would be post 2013. Any thoughts as to why this might be true? Thanks RAR
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    53 GT Conversion Shaved Bridge

    Hi Guys Ok here is something new for me. I am looking at 53 conversion with some work done and a shaved bridge to compensate for the neck angle. Any thoughts on what that shaving does to the sound of the guitar.
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    1972 es 335

    Any thoughts on a 72 ES 335 cherry red small control area crack repaired with stop tail piece? I have a pretty good deal but just wanted to hear anyone thoughts on them in general. It has original embossed? Gibson pups. Thanks
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    Brazilian Rosewood Board in 2003??

    Hey Guys Does anyone know whether and on what guitars Gibson used Brazilian Rosewood on the fretboards? I hear a lot of sellers claiming the board might be brazilian etc. Does anyone know for sure? I am looking at an R4 or R6 and I kept seeing references to BRAZ boards. Sellers saying things...
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    Logo Mystery 1968???

    Hi does anyone here have any idea as to what year this logo dates from https://www.ebay.com/itm/GIBSON-ES-335-TD-SEMI-HOLLOW-ELEC-GUITAR-1968-FREE-SHIPPING-TWICE-REDUCED/123699866267?hash=item1ccd162a9b:g:Q1IAAOSwiwVWRnX7 Seller says 1968 but the serial number looks like it has overspray etc...
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    Les Paul Conversion on Ebay

    Les Paul Conversion on Ebay Hi guys I was looking at a lp 53 or 56 on ebay that is local pickup only. Its been on reverb I think too for years. I thought someone a while back claimed it was not legit in some way but I don't want to start a problem. I just wanted to know if it had been discussed...
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    Les Paul Conversion on Ebay

    Hi guys I was looking at a lp 53 or 56 on ebay that is local pickup only. Its been on reverb I think too for years. I thought someone a while back claimed it was not legit in some way but I don't want to start a problem. I just wanted to know if it had been discussed before thanks.
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    Difference between 50's ABR-1 and Tailpiece and early 60's ABR-1 and Tailpiece

    Hey folks I am in the process of getting the hardware for the GT conversion I am working on. I have in my possession a 1965 tailpiece and a early 1970-71? ABR bridge (patent num no foundry) I was wondering what differences there are between the 50's era vs 60's era pieces. I read somewhere that...
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    Specs Measurements of 1959 Les Paul studs, bushings and tailpiece

    here we go. I am finally moving forward with my project on the 53 GT. I have decided that it is way I want to go after trying to settle with just the wraptail. So....does anyone here have the exact specs for a 1959 Les Paul stud, bushings and tailpiece. I am looking to buy original parts and...
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    1982 Les Paul Grounding Wire What is this metal case that surrounds the Pots

    Hi Guys I am trying to figure out how to ground my 1982 Les Paul. There appears to be a metal box that surrounds the Volume and Tone pots. I am looking for a way to ground the guitar. When I originally got the guitar it was Kahlered and the guy who did the mod snaked a ground wire up through...
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    Best Replacement Vintage Studs and Tailpiece? Other than the real thing of course.

    Hey folks. I am curious about who makes the best vintage studs and tailpiece assembly for a 59 style Les Paul. Thanks Russell
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    Stripping a 53 Goldtop

    Hi guys as per my earlier posts I decided to see what the hell was under the refin goldtop of a 1953 GT. Here is what I found. Can anyone tell me what is going on here? That flame looks pretty intense for a 53 original top right? Well any thoughts and what do you guys think in general about the...
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    Stud location on a 1955 Les Paul Junior

    Hi Guys I am looking to take my 55 Les Paul Junior back to a wrap tail. Unfortunately, the previous owner had modified it by replacing the original wrap with an early 60's abr-1 and trapeze from an ES 335. in doing so he filled in the holes for the original studs. So...does anyone here know...
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    How to date a vintage TOM ABR-1 Bridge

    Ok so I have heard a lot about how vintage Gibson bridge assemblies effect the sound of a Les Paul. Great. So how does a person go about dating and verifying that they are actually buying a real authentic 50's era TOM ABR-1 bridge assembly. Thanks. I might as well add that I am also...
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    Installation of TOM bridge on a 1953 Goldtop

    Hey guys, I am considering a TOM bridge for my newly purchased late 1953 Goldtop. The neck angle looks about 4 degrees. 1. Will a TOM bridge work with that angle? 2. What if any repro TOM would you guys recommend as I don't want to spend a gazillion dollars on an actual 50's era TOM because I...
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    1950's Serial Numbers

    Why does it appear that on some 1950's era Les Paul serial numbers the first number denoting the year appears to be elevated slightly higher the other numbers?
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    Looking for an expert to appraise a guitar in LA.

    Hey everyone. I need someone to look at a vintage Gibson Les Paul 50's era guitar for me in North LA area. Please let me know if anyone here can do it. Obviously for a fee. Thanks RAR
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    Just Bought my first 50's era Goldtop woohoo!

    Well everyone don't cry or anything but I just bought my first Goldtop. I am having my sister pick her up out West. It's a cinderella story. Out of nowhere. Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes smoothly. Thanks to everyone for their help and guidance.