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    What's your craziest or plain dumbest Historic story ?

    Had a 2013 R7. That thing almost had a built-in booster. Just roared forced the amp into som vild tones. High and angry tones. But it had dead spots from 12 and up. Which annoyed me to no end. Still, that thing was most certainly in Burst tone area if not better. I should have learnt to love it...
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    This is the coolest Historic I have seen in 20 years ....

    Why is it so hard to move the neck a bit out? The 16fret should not lie on the body....
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    Bee Gees Burst

    Love it! Such killer musicians
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    the legendary " fingernail in the neck" test for Historics ......

    The harder wood is more stable and lets higher frequencies sing out.
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    If you could only have one amp one guitar and no pedals. What is it?

    Good bright Les Paul with sustain and maybe a Traynor Ygl MkII. That is also attainable..... and what I have.
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    Henry Vestine's (of Canned Heat fame) conversion

    Yes, I think you are totally correct! Still searching for his sound... might have found it with a 100watt Traynor from 1975 (untouched) and a Death By Audio Apocalypse. I have tried everything.... Sola Sound Tonebender Mk1 and MK2 and a lot of other early fuzzes. Well, the search continues.
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    Gibson CC 13 Gordon Kennedy Spoonful Burst

    Sounds effin good to me! Hollow and without muddiness!
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    Yet another '59 Replica!.... Video and Pix

    Ed A. Based on you and your videos... your guitars vill have another sister!
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    Do you think guitar music will ever be great like it was from 1954 to 1979?

    This is pretty good but sadly the answer is no.
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    Should I trade my SG Standard + G0 for a 57 Custom Black Beauty RI (3 pickup)

    I would do the trade if it sounds good. If it's dark and murky with no treble sting I would run away. Screaming No moaners for meeeeeeeeee You can check top buy looking in the control cavity. To me, it does not matter what top it has or if it's a two-piece fretboard. You want one that SOUNDS...
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    Henry Vestine's (of Canned Heat fame) conversion

    I did a fair amount of research and I am pretty sure Henrys ( now owned by his son Jesse) Black Beauty is a early 1968. I mean stalker warning research..... I love his broken blues style not unlike Buddy Guy or Jimmy Pages. I suppose they are accessing polyrythms when it works.
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    Henry Vestine's (of Canned Heat fame) conversion

    Please do that! Also, you should tell more stories as I always enjoy them.
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    Henry Vestine's (of Canned Heat fame) conversion

    Do you recall what Fuzz Henry used or was it built into the amp? Was it the TNT amps you worked on ?
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    Worn maple neck.

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    Worn maple neck.

    I have a question about an old strat I just bought It sounds killer and sustains like a Les Paul. And it's been played to the end of the earth and back. I am gonna have the frets dressed. But should I refinish the worn through maple that everyone seems to like the look of, or can the maple...
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    Eelco Gelling's 1960 burst in for new strings and fine tuning

    I cannot hear any difference between the Pafs and the Seymour Duncan. Sounds killer!
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    Boost pedals, which one do you play?

    I have had all the pedals Ocd Fulltone, Analogman King of Tone, Klon copies and etc. And Im back to a cheap Boss DS1. And it works fine cuts the Bass a little and you have all the Distorsion you could want. A Moeyer Modded 1990s Fender Vibrolux and a Killer Es335.
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    Claptons Lost Burst.

    Nope will not happen!! If its not a Black Beauty #Framptonlordjimmypageatron
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    Better tone changing the bridge post?

    I had great success with an R8 putting Stainless steel Abr1 Rods in. I also had a killer R7 and changed it there also did nothing for the tone. But I still recommend trying it! That R8 Really took advantage of the increased sonic clearity.