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    TV Western Questions

    I seem to be watching TV Westerns a lot instead of the news lately .I have questions for other fans. Would you rather haveThe Rifleman’s Winchester,or Steve McQeen’s sawed off rifle in Wanted Dead Or Alive? I was thinking about the boy on Rifleman. He saw his father kill ex-friends and enemies...
  2. Z

    Accordion Amps

    Does anybody use these for guitar playing? Stereo guitar maybe. What brands do you like? Thanks.
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    I have alot of albums. I went to CD's. The price of albums is quite high. If I was thinking about investing in a $25 to $30 album, which album should I buy ,that I will say "boy, forget CD's, I should go back to albums for that great sound. Rock,jazz,world, and blues. I'm 60, so factor that in...
  4. Z

    Fender Noventa Series

    What do you think of the strat, tele, and jazzmaster noventa series? I would like the red tele, and I looked at it yesterday, but the store only had had a blonde one. Guitar Center had nothing, but a little mom& pop had one. Go figure. I guess I'm used to gibson necks. The fender neck was a very...
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    Anybody Heard Of Lancaster Customs Amps?

    Trying to find out if anybody has heard of this amp company out of Illinois. They might be Lancaster Amplification?. Anybody have one? Thanks.
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    Amp Choice

    Hello, I'm looking at two amps and I would like your thoughts. A tweed deluxe or a tweed Ivy league with 2x10 speakers. I know the deluxe is a great blues amp. I don't know much about the Ivy league, but I would like to try the 2x10 speakers. The two amps have almost the same tubes, but the...
  7. Z

    Slide with P-90’s

    I can’t recall an artist playing slide with P-90’s or minihumbuckers. I’ve seen strats used. I know humbuckers work. How come nobody uses a rickenbacker for slide or a 12 string? Thanks
  8. Z

    Skin Tags

    How do you take them off? Thanks.
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    Super Serious Question

    I just read in the NY Post that farts might spread the Corona virus. They say your underwear and your pants act as a mask, butt farting "bare bottom" might release a mist that might contain the virus. I am trying to get more protein in my diet thru beans, and I have become rather flatulent. I...
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    Mort Drucker RIP

    He gave me a lot of laughs in my youth. I’m so MAD!!! And sad :dang
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    Victoria amps

    Do guys around here still enjoy your Victoria amps? I don’t read much about them on lpf. Thanks.
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    Flat Wound Guitar Strings

    I would like to know if anybody uses flat wound strings on their ES- 335 or 330? Thanks.
  13. Z

    Guitar King

    I just wanted to tell lpf about a book I just picked up about Mike Bloomfield called Guitar King by David Dann. I have read books on Mike, but this is very well researched. it is about 700 pages.I you like Mike, worth a pick up.
  14. Z

    Watch Question

    I see some new watches that look like they are from the 40's,50's,and 60's. Bringing back the classics. They are trying to make them look antique. My question, would you like the watch with 60,70,or 80 year old mechanisms ,or a modern watch which LOOKS like a beautiful antique, but has new and...
  15. Z

    Freddie King Guitar

    Somebody who works at Memphis told me a story of them building this guitar. They built 200. When they first started building them, they were psyched. They would be so pumped to build them, they would play Freddie's music during building and it was great. For the first 100. Then he said they got...
  16. Z

    Memphis ES- 330

    I am interested in buying one. I would like to try the hollow body with the P-90's. Why did you buy yours, and are you happy with your purchase? Thanks.
  17. Z


    I've bought this box set B.B.King :Complete Recordings 1949-1962. I have had his big box set(King Of The Blues) for many years, but I really like this one. There seems to be a lot more examples of his out of phase sound which I really like because of Greeny. Not bad for $15.00 for 6cd's on...
  18. Z

    Freddie King Reissue ES-345 Pickups

    I was wondering why the bridge pickup screws point to the neck. Will you still get an out of phase sound with the varitone? What was Freddie King looking for by turning bridge pickup? Did he want to get "inphase"? (Hope that wasn't a dumb question).Looks?Gibson doesn't really explain it. Can't...
  19. Z

    Any Great Deals Getting An ES Guitar This Year?

    Full price or great deals? Or good deals.:dance I'm trying to use Smiles that are rarely used. Let them know they are still valued. Thanks.
  20. Z

    MHS Pickups In An ES Guitar

    I would like some feedback about MHS pickups. I tried to search them and nothing came up. What do you guys think of them? Why are they just in ES guitars? Are they the best thing since sliced bread or could use an upgrade? Thanks.