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    WTB / Searching For - 60s faded Sparkling Burgundy ES-335

    Cash buyer or will trade for Danocasters Bigsby is a PLUS only a really faded Sparkling Burgundy finish - not after a clean one Danocaster@mac.com
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    1960 ES-345 wiring harness : VALUE ?

    '60 ES-345 wiring harness : VALUE ? PICS ADDED Can anybody gimme an idea of what this would be worth ? I just bought a 1960 345 "player" and just had the Varitone removed with the harness all intact. Apparently the caps were replaced at some point and are now little ceramics I'm thinking...
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    My two Goldtop Norlins

    These two lovely Goldies are from the "bad" Norlin era but w/ some set-up love from Joey@ Gibson custom shop - they are both incredibly great lesters !! These are both leagues above the 5 Historics I've had. I almost declared "I'm not a Lester guy" until the '72 came around. The '73 was a more...
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    My two Goldtops :)

    thread moved - my bad - sorry :fc
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    '72 LP Deluxe Guard - question

    I have a newly acquired '72 Deluxe that has P-90s in it. The plastic on it is repro and sorta pinkish and I'd like to replace it w/ lighter / whiter / creamier plastic For covers - I have some Antiquity covers on the way - but also a set of real '54s w/ covers so I'm fine there. But for a guard...
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    Question about a STIFF Bigsby

    I have a '66 335 w/ a Bigsby. When I got the gtr, the spring was missing so I got a new one and the bigsby feels really stiff ( unlike the vintage Starfire's I also play regularly ) Is this a result of the Gibson's Bigsby or simply the spring itself ?? Does anyone know where to get...
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    It Arrived !! ( Gold top content )

    Well..this came today and its a KILLER. I just grabbed this off Ebay ( $1800 ) It's a little different than described - there's definitely MORE checking than his pics indicated but it's still cool. He did also say there was a small enlargement of the bridge cavity ( like someone started to...
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    DR V covers - which one ??

    Hey Guys - I'm about to get a set of Dr Vs and I would like nickel covers that are slightly aged to match the vibe of the gtr Does anyone have any pics of their Dr Vs with Raw Satin or any of the OTHER options besides the aged ones on his site ?? I imagine that it wouldnt take long to natural...
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    Classified Ad Question

    I'm trying to post an for sale ad and for some reason it says I dont have that "priviledge"... Can someone explain why that is - and how I get the priviledge of posting a for sale ad ?? thanks
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    '66 ES-335 pickup help

    I have a '66 335 that has a killer neck pickup (pat sticker non T ). The bridge pickup is "nice" but it's considering lower in output and much brighter ( they both measure roughly 7.5K ) I would really like something slightly chunkier (although still "chimey" ).. I actually bought AL2/3/5...
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    ES-330 Neck Length question

    I just found what is being called a '68 ES-330 ( Burgundy Metallic - nice shape w/ a Bigsby ). It also has the longer 335 scale neck. Can anyone tell me what YEAR Gibson made that transition on the 330 - to the longer neck ?? Doing a search here - under "ES-330" - led me to several interesting...
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    Duncan Custom shop ???

    I was hunting around the Duncan website - hoping to take advantage of his pickup exchange policy. I have a LP Special reissue w/ a new antiquity P-90 in the bridge and I'm unhappy with it and frankly would REALLY like a hum-cancelling pickup On the custom shop page - they show a humbucker ( w...
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    LP Special - lookin for a HOTTER bridge p/up

    I just picked up an early 90s TV special ( bound neck, etc ). Its VERY resonant and seems like it'll be a great guitar. The P-100 in the neck actually sounds pretty great ( although not like a real P90 ) but the bridge just plain SUCKED. I put in an Antiquity ( 9.04 K ) and its markedly better...
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    where did the name "Lester" come from ??

    I'm guessing thats what "les" is short for ??
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    HELP !! New covers on and - here LIL PIGGY !!!

    I just picked up this 73 Goldtop w/ Voodoo '59s. Sounded just awesome but I hated the zebra coils (on a GT ) so I stuck on Voodoo aged covers. Now - with a fair amount of gain - it screams like a banshee and squeals like a hog to slaughter This was NOT the case only hours earlier w/ the covers...
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    64 SG Jr question

    I just picked up an SG Jr off Ebay for $725. The seller had 0 feedback, bad pics, and almost NO description but I emailed him, called him several times , and with my almost 1000 transaction Ebay experience, was pretty certain this was NOT a scam but simply a seller w/ NO experience on "the bay"...
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    Emergency Wiring NEEDED !!!!

    I decided to put the RS kit in my LP today. I have a seesion tommorrow and NEED this up and going by then..Can you guys help ?? I just installed the kit in my LP and I have a signal and all pots work correct but I have a BUZZ constantly ( it decreases w/ the volume knob ) I have new WCR...
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    question for ROLPH users

    I have a 2000 R7 - totally stock and it sounds pretty damn good - maybe the pickups are a LITTLE bright.. so I get a set of "EdA Rolphs" and stick them in. At the same time, I changed to 50's wiring and NOW - it feels dark with a wooly/ muddy neck p/up.. I have a RS kit and lightweight TP on...
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    New R7 owner - first post - tech question

    I'm new to this site - as well as the proud owner a R7 Goldtop ( circa 2000) !! Your chats have been a big help and a set of Rolphs are in route to me - as well as a nice aging from the guys at RS, anyway - thanks for all the advice Now..the question How in the world can I get my ABR-1 to STOP...